Electrophysiological Defects
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Wolfe-Parkinson-White Syndrome
(ECG at 3 weeks)

Atrial Flutter
(ECG at 3 weeks)

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How Are They Treated?

Abnormalities of the heart's rhythm are treated in various ways. Medications may be used alone or in conjunction with other procedures to restore a normal heart rhythm.

Electrical cardioversion is a procedure in which an electrical charge is introduced into the heart, "resetting" its rhythm and allowing the heart's normal timing mechanism to reassert itself.

An Ablation is a catheterization procedure in which a catheter enters the heart and directs energy at the parts of the heart that are interfering with normal function.

A Pacemaker may be used to trigger a more normal rhythm and rate to the heart's beating.

Surgical procedures may be used to physically sever the pathways in the heart's tissues that are causing the irregularities to occur.