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Syncope Tilt Table How Is It Treated?

Prevention of non-cardiac syncope is improved with increased hydration and avoiding situations where syncope is likely (tight warm spaces).  If hydration is adequate, medical therapy with Midodrine or Florinef (to increase blood pressure from salt retention) can be used.  If a person faints, they can be treated by having the patient lie down with the legs elevated. Complete recovery can usually be expected within a short period of time (minutes to hours).

In order to treat syncope, it is important to recognize the conditions which bring it about in a patient.
Tilt table testing which is sometimes used in adults to provoke syncope, is not recommended in children.

Emotional states, deprivation of sleep or food, over-indulgence in alcohol, and the experience of pain may all precipitate an occurrence.

Cardiac syncope may be controlled by treating the heart defect involved. For example, arrhythmias may be treated with medications, by the insertion of a pacemaker, or through other procedures. (See discussion under Electrophysiology.)